OpenGL texture format

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OpenGL texture format

Post by visinoz »


Would it be possible for us to specify the texture's format for loading pictures? That way, we could optimize memory depending on our pictures format (I'm using 8 bits picture, so I could save a lot of memory using another format than RGBA8).

Something like would be nice (where TextureFormat could be a string representing the format).

Ex.:'RGBA8') -- would be the default format'RGBA2') -- what i would probably use for my 8 bits image i guess

Thanks for your great engine!
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Re: OpenGL texture format

Post by Elvashi »

The idea has potential, though I personally wouldn't endorse this particular implementation (not that I'm in a position to endorse anything...). Perhaps as an extra optional param to or maybe Image:setPixelFormat(fmt)?
I'm also concerned about exposing too much of the underlying implementation here, though careful choice of the format identifiers should solve that.
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