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Portrait mode

Post by Ranguna259 »

Can someone please compile me an apk file in portrait mode, I tried to do it myself but I got a bunch of errors and it'd be way easier for someone else to compile it for me instead of trying to fix all the errors that I'm having.
Thanks (This was the old post, ignore it..)

I was able to compile LÖVE for android by following the instructions on the wiki, I was having problems before because of the environmental variables, rebooting my computer did the job so if you are going to compile LÖVE yourself then make sure you reboot your system once you got everything set up.

I compiled both the 0.9.2a and 0.10.0-alpha versions of LÖVE that are in the download section of the bitbucket repo, they are now both in portrait mode, here are the links:

0.9.2a Version of love-android-sdl2
0.10.0-alpha Version of love-android-sdl2

You are welcome :megagrin:
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Re: Portrait mode

Post by Devhochi »

love.touchmoved returns x and y variables between 0 and 1 values, not resolution pixels.
thanks a lot btw, keep up
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Re: Portrait mode

Post by slime »

Devhochi wrote:love.touchmoved returns x and y variables between 0 and 1 values, not resolution pixels.
The LÖVE 0.10.0 [wiki]love.touch[/wiki] and related APIs use pixels rather than [0, 1] (unlike the Android and iOS ports of 0.9.2.)

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