Croque - A practise tool for drawings

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Croque - A practise tool for drawings

Post by sleepy » Tue May 28, 2019 10:33 am

A croquis is a quick and sketchy drawing of a live model. That is what wikipedia says. It helps in getting basic lines and forms right. Usually there is a time limit in which you are supposed to finish your drawing. Since live models are a bit hard to come by I thought: "Yeah why not draw from reference images?"

So I created a little program that allows me to do that.

The usage is very simple. Just start the program, drop a folder with your reference images into the window and enter "run". If you want to see what images are inside the folder, simply write "list" and a list of the image names is displayed. You can also set your own time in which you want to draw. Simply enter "set timer" plus the amount of seconds or "set pause" plus the amount of seconds (e.g. "set timer 60" sets the timer to one minute).

Also it was an interesting project to test out some of löves functionality.

Source code is available here or in the löve file:
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