Shots shots shots!

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Shots shots shots!

Post by paco72 »

I'm trying to create a bunch of "shots" examples :)

Ship movement up, down, left, right
q and a to change the "shots" type from 0 to 8..9..

I've see a lot of games where there is a lot of types of shot, a lot of types of movement of enemies and i'm trying to put some of them here.
If some one like to collaborate with a snippet, it's welcome

I'm searching now how to move enemies in paths, circled paths, up an down, left to right... any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks to all of you that write, play and read here!

PD the two ships have been designed by my son :-)

Sorry for my english
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Re: Shots shots shots!

Post by RamonDelio23 »

Love this. I'm just starting with this. :D
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