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Re: Asteroid hunter

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togFox wrote:Should I flash a message on the screen when those keys are pressed without upgrades? I could grant those items at the start but then there is no upgrade path and you've already won the game.
Or maybe just display a message at the beginning to explain those modules are not included and pause the game until we close the message.

Could also consider a more in-depth upgrade path. For some reason this game has inspired me and planted the idea in my head to manage how much power to send to thrusters.
I can send all powers to front thruster but then no reverse and side thrust.
Send a little bit to everywhere but below certain power level thrusters are unbalanced, maybe thrusters are damaged explode if send too much, apply random amount of force regardless how much power I send. Upgraded to stabilise it, repair it to be able to send more power, generate more thrust, be more stable, have more control and able to go further and further in less time.

Game certainly has potential.
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