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The codename for LÖVE 0.10.0 is not yet announced. It is currently not released.

Changes from 0.9.2



Renamed APIs


Other changes

  • Updated the compatibility warning notice to use a message box.
  • Updated the compatibility warning notice to display before main.lua is loaded.
  • Updated [[love.keypressed to be love.keypressed(key, scancode, isrepeat).
  • Updated [[love.keyreleased to be love.keyreleased(key, scancode).
  • Updated love.mousepressed, love.mousereleased, and love.mouse.isDown to use button numbers instead of named button constants.
  • Updated love.math.setRandomSeed and RandomGenerator:setSeed to produce better results for the first few random() calls.
  • Updated Source methods that deal with spatial audio to error rather than failing silently if the Source isn't mono.
  • Updated love.graphics.newImageFont to no longer treat separator pixels as spacing.
  • Updated the default font to use less memory.
  • Updated Font:getWrap's second return value to be a table containing the text split into lines.
  • Updated the default fullscreen type to be "desktop" rather than "exclusive".
  • Updated the minimum runtime system requirements of LOVE to require OpenGL 2.1 or OpenGL ES 2 support.
  • Updated the pixel shader effect function so screen_coords.y is 0 at the top of the screen instead of the bottom.
  • Updated love.graphics.newImage's optional second argument to be a table of flags (flags are "mipmaps" and "srgb".)
  • Updated Images to require setting the mipmaps flag to true on creation in order to use mipmaps.
  • Updated Images to allow mipmaps for non-power-of-two sizes.
  • Updated the arguments for the standard variants of love.graphics.newMesh. They're now love.graphics.newMesh(vertices [, drawmode, usage]) and love.graphics.newMesh(vertexcount [, drawmode, usage]).
  • Updated Mesh:setVertex to explicitly set every component of every attribute in the vertex, instead of having default values.