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The codename of LÖVE 0.5.0 is "Salted Nuts". It is currently released.

Download 0.5.0 from SourceForge

Changes from 0.4.0

  • Added love.joystick.
  • Added network support via LuaSocket.
  • Added support for loading of appended .love-file.
  • Added love.filesystem.lines().
  • Added a loader function to enable use of normal require().
  • Added love.filesystem.load().
  • Added love.filesystem.getSaveDirectory()
  • Added love.filesystem.getWorkingDirectory()
  • Added optional explicit destruction of Box2D objects.
  • Added shape:testSegment().
  • Added love.graphics.screenshot() (.bmp only).
  • Added default size (12) to font-related functions.
  • Added love.graphics.setFont( filename, size )
  • Added love.graphics.setLineStippe and related functions.
  • Added love.graphics.setPointSize and related functions.
  • Changed love.filesystem.read() to accept file name.
  • Changed love.filesystem.write() to accept file name.
  • Changed love.graphics.triangle() to accept CCW and CW ordering.
  • Fixed love.graphics.read adding bogus characters at the end of string.
  • Fixed epic swigfusion bug.
  • Fixed love.graphics.getFont so it returns nil if no font is present.
  • Fixed bug where love.graphics.getBlendMode() always returns blend_normal.
  • Fixed bug which caused error screen to be scissored (when enabled).
  • Fixed Body:setAngle to accept degrees like everything else.
  • Cleaned up love::File and love_physfs.
  • Cleaned up love::Reference so it stores its reference in _G.