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* Removed SDL_mixer.
* Removed SDL_mixer.

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nogame screen

The codename of LÖVE 0.6.0 is "Jiggly Juice". It is currently released.

Download 0.6.0 from SourceForge

Changes from 0.5.0

  • Lost track of 0.6.0 changes a long while ago. Don't trust the list below.
  • Added love.graphics.print()/printf().
  • Added unicode-translated parameter to love.keypressed().
  • Added love.event.
  • Added love.filesystem.setIdentity().
  • Added OpenAL dependency.
  • Fixed love.fileystem problems with internal \0 in strings.
  • Fixed love.filesystem.mkdir/remove not working when write directory not set.
  • Fixed position of Window.
  • Changed parameter order of draws().
  • Changed origin for images to top-left.
  • Changed love.filesystem.open to accept mode (removed from love.filesystem.newFile).
  • Changed love.filesystem.read() which now returns two parameters (data, length).
  • Changed love.filesystem.write() which now takes up to four parameters (file, data, length, mode).
  • Changed default color mode to "modulate".
  • Changed name of love.color_normal to "replace".
  • Changed name of love.blend_normal to "alpha".
  • Changed the conf file format.
  • Removed Color object.
  • Removed Animation.
  • Removed several constants.
  • Removed love.graphics.draw() for strings.
  • Removed love.system.
  • Removed SWIG.
  • Removed boost.
  • Removed SDL_mixer.