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The codename of LÖVE 0.6.1 is "Jiggly Juice". It is currently released.

Download 0.6.1 from SourceForge

Changes from 0.6.0

  • Added Shape:setGroupIndex and getGroupIndex.
  • Added Body:setFixedRotation and Body:getFixedRotation.
  • Added Body:setInertia.
  • Added CircleShape:getLocalCenter and CircleShape:getWorldCenter.
  • Added icons and file associations for the debs.
  • Added the demos folder to the Mac OS X DMG.
  • It's now possible to run a .love from Resources in Mac OS X, thanks to Steve Johnson.
  • Fixed a bug with multiple Sources on the same Music.
  • Fixed a bug so the mouse doesn't get crippled when the keyboard is disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where love.graphics.rectangle drew a too large rectangle.
  • Fixed a bug where memory wouldn't be released correctly.
  • Fixed epic physics typo (getRestituion->getRestitution).
  • Fixed crash on opening non-existent image.
  • The error screen redraws when an event occurs.
  • The default love.run() now gracefully handles disabled modules.
  • The debian packages should now successfully include icons, file associations, etc, and should give the correct architecture.
  • Added support for drawing polylines to love.graphics.line - the syntax is the same as love.graphics.polygon.
  • Removed Music and Sound. There are now only sources.
  • Improved the stability of love.audio/love.sound.