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[[File:0.8.0_no-game.png|thumb|no-game screen]]
The codename for LÖVE 0.8.0 is '''Rubber Piggy'''. It is currently '''<span style="color:#0000ff;">released</span>'''.
The codename for LÖVE 0.8.0 is '''Rubber Piggy'''. It is currently '''<span style="color:#0000ff;">released</span>'''.
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* Removed [[love.graphics.setFont|love.graphics.setFont([file, ][size])]].
* Removed [[love.graphics.setFont|love.graphics.setFont([file, ][size])]].
* Removed [[Thread:kill]].
* Removed [[Thread:kill]].
[[File:0.8.0_no-game.png|thumb|no-game screen]]

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no-game screen

The codename for LÖVE 0.8.0 is Rubber Piggy. It is currently released.

Changes from 0.7.2



  • Fixed wrapping for single words.
  • Fixed tracebacks not showing filenames.
  • Fixed love.graphics.push/pop capable of causing overflows/underflows.
  • Fixed setScissor on Canvases.
  • Fixed several issues with audio, e.g. clicks and pops in mp3s.
  • Fixed crashes when bodies were destroyed during collisions.
  • Fixed bound SpriteBatches corrupting when drawing.
  • Fixed thread-safety issues with ImageData.
  • Fixed memory leaks in audio sources.
  • Fixed Thread:set (previously send) accidentally changing the type.
  • Fixed SoundData allocating the wrong number of samples.
  • Fixed SpriteBatch support on Intel cards.
  • Fixed love.filesystem.lines leaking.
  • Fixed most leaking on unclosed File objects.
  • Fixed crashes when operating on non-existent files.
  • Fixed a bug where empty files on Windows would never reach EOF.
  • Fixed crash when SoundData runs out of memory.
  • Fixed ordering of loaders, love should have priority over lua.
  • Fixed several miscellaneous memory leaks.
  • Fixed a few cases where strings with \0 in them would not be stored correctly.
  • Fixed LÖVE's startup time being in the first dt.
  • Fixed internal string conversions, they are faster now.
  • Fixed (bad) performance of ImageData:paste.
  • Fixed love.graphics.toggleFullscreen not maintaining graphics state.

Other Changes

  • Renamed SpriteBatch:lock/unlock to bind/unbind.
  • Renamed Framebuffer to Canvas.
  • Renamed Thread:send/receive to set/get.
  • Renamed love.graphics.setRenderTarget to setCanvas.
  • Updated love.joystick to be 1-indexed.
  • Updated Sources to update more cleanly and control more intuitively.
  • Updated font engine.
  • Updated line drawing to a custom system.
  • Updated love.timer.sleep to use seconds, like the rest of love.
  • Updated love.timer to be more accurate.
  • Updated love.graphics.circle to have max(10, r) as default for segments.
  • Updated ImageData:encode to write to files directly.
  • Updated version compatibility system to actually do something.
  • Updated love.run's order, events are checked just before update.
  • Updated Box2D to version 2.2.1.
  • Updated sdl to 1.2.15 on Windows
  • Updated freetype to 2.4.9 on Windows
  • Updated libjpeg to 8d on Windows
  • Updated libmodplug to on Windows
  • Updated libogg to 1.3.0 on Windows
  • Updated libpng to 1.5.10 on Windows
  • Updated mpg123 to 1.13.7 on Windows
  • Updated openal-soft to 1.14 on Windows
  • Updated zlib to 1.2.6 on Windows