Building LÖVE

Note: This page is still incomplete.

If you want to build the LÖVE source code yourself, this page has all the information you need.



You'll need Mercurial to download the latest sources, along with the LÖVE dependencies.


sudo apt-get install mercurial
# todo: add stuff here!

Arch Linux

pacman -S mercurial
pacman -S devil flac freetype2 glibc libmodplug libvorbis lua mesa mpg123 openal physfs sdl # 0.6.x
pacman -S devil freetype2 libmodplug libvorbis lua mpg123 openal physfs # 0.7.x

Other distrubutions

todo: add stuff here!

Getting the sources

The next step is downloading the LÖVE source code. Open a terminal and go to the directory that you want to download the source code folder to. Next, use the following commands:

hg clone && cd love
# if you want to use the source code of a specific version, issue one of the following commands:
# todo: add stuff here!


sh platform/unix/automagic

Your LÖVE binary will end up in the src directory.