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== Functions ==
== Functions ==
{{#ask: [[Category:Functions]] [[parent::CircleShape]] OR [[parent::Shape]] OR [[parent::Object]] [[Since::<071]]
{{#ask: [[Category:Functions]] [[parent::CircleShape||Shape||Object]] [[Since::<071]]
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| ?Description
| ?Description

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Circle extends Shape and adds a radius and a local position.


love.physics.newCircleShapeCreates a new CircleShape.


CircleShape:getLocalCenterGet the center of the circle in local coordinates.
CircleShape:getRadiusGets the radius of the circle shape.
CircleShape:getWorldCenterGet the center of the circle in world coordinates.
Object:typeGets the type of the object as a string.
Object:typeOfChecks whether an object is of a certain type.
Shape:destroyExplicitly destroys the Shape.
Shape:getBodyGet the body the shape is attached to.
Shape:getBoundingBoxGets the bounding box of the shape.
Shape:getCategoryGets the categories this shape is a member of.
Shape:getCategoryBitsGets the categories as a 16-bit integer.
Shape:getDataGet the data set with setData.
Shape:getDensityGets the density of the Shape.
Shape:getFilterDataGets the filter data of the Shape.
Shape:getFrictionGets the friction of this shape.
Shape:getMaskGets which categories this shape should NOT collide with.
Shape:getRadiusGets the radius of the shape.
Shape:getRestitutionGets the restitution of this shape.
Shape:getTypeGets a string representing the Shape.
Shape:isSensorChecks whether a Shape is a sensor or not.
Shape:setCategorySets the categories this shape is a member of.
Shape:setDataSet data to be passed to the collision callback.
Shape:setDensitySets the density of a Shape.
Shape:setFilterDataSets the filter data for a Shape.
Shape:setFrictionSets the friction of the shape.
Shape:setMaskSets which categories this shape should NOT collide with.
Shape:setRestitutionSets the restitution of the shape.
Shape:setSensorSets whether this shape should act as a sensor.
Shape:testPointChecks whether a point lies inside the shape.
Shape:testSegmentChecks whether a line segment intersects a shape.


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