Circle extends Shape and adds a radius and a local position.

Create a new circle shape with love.physics.newCircleShape.


CircleShape:getLocalCenterGet the center of the circle in local coordinates.
CircleShape:getPointGets the center point of the circle shape.
CircleShape:getRadiusGets the radius of the circle shape.
CircleShape:getWorldCenterGet the center of the circle in world coordinates.
CircleShape:setPointSets the center point of the circle shape.
CircleShape:setRadiusSets the radius of the circle.

Shape:computeAABB, Shape:computeMass, Shape:destroy, Shape:getBody, Shape:getBoundingBox, Shape:getCategory, Shape:getCategoryBits, Shape:getChildCount, Shape:getData, Shape:getDensity, Shape:getFilterData, Shape:getFriction, Shape:getMask, Shape:getMaskBits, Shape:getRadius, Shape:getRestitution, Shape:getType, Shape:isSensor, Shape:rayCast, Shape:setCategory, Shape:setData, Shape:setDensity, Shape:setFilterData, Shape:setFriction, Shape:setMask, Shape:setRestitution, Shape:setSensor, Shape:testPoint, Shape:testSegment

Object:releaseImmediately destroys the object's Lua reference.
Object:typeGets the type of the object as a string.
Object:typeOfChecks whether an object is of a certain type.


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