Config Files


If a file called conf.lua is present in your game folder (or .love file), it is run before the LÖVE modules are loaded. You can use this file to overwrite the love.conf function, which is later called by the LÖVE 'boot' script. Using the love.conf function, you can set some configuration options, and change things like the default size of the window, which modules are loaded, and other stuff.


The love.conf function takes one argument: a table filled with all the default values which you can overwrite to your liking. If you want to change the default screen size, for instance, do:

function love.conf(t)
    t.screen.width = 1024
    t.screen.height = 768

If you don't need the physics module or joystick module, do the following.

function love.conf(t)
    t.modules.joystick = false
    t.modules.physics = false

Setting unused modules to false is encouraged when you release your game. It reduces startup time (slightly) and reduces memory usage (slightly).

Here is a full list of options and their default values:

function love.conf(t)
    t.title = "Untitled"        -- The title of the window the game is in (string) = "Unnamed"        -- The author of the game (string)
    t.identity = nil            -- The name of the save directory (string)
    t.version = 0               -- The LÖVE version this game was made for (number)
    t.console = false           -- Attach a console (boolean, Windows only)
    t.release = false           -- Enable release mode (boolean)
    t.screen.width = 800        -- The window width (number)
    t.screen.height = 600       -- The window height (number)
    t.screen.fullscreen = false -- Enable fullscreen (boolean)
    t.screen.vsync = true       -- Enable vertical sync (boolean)
    t.screen.fsaa = 0           -- The number of FSAA-buffers (number)
    t.modules.joystick = true   -- Enable the joystick module (boolean) = true      -- Enable the audio module (boolean)
    t.modules.keyboard = true   -- Enable the keyboard module (boolean)
    t.modules.event = true      -- Enable the event module (boolean)
    t.modules.image = true      -- Enable the image module (boolean) = true   -- Enable the graphics module (boolean)
    t.modules.timer = true      -- Enable the timer module (boolean)
    t.modules.mouse = true      -- Enable the mouse module (boolean)
    t.modules.sound = true      -- Enable the sound module (boolean)
    t.modules.physics = true    -- Enable the physics module (boolean)

Note that you can't disable love.filesystem; it's mandatory. The same goes for the love module itself.

Release Mode

Available since LÖVE 0.8.0
It is not supported in earlier versions.

Uses the release error handler (love.releaseerrhand), which is sparse on information by default, and can, of course, be overridden.

When a fused game in release mode is run it will not save in the love save dir, but rather one for itself, whereas previously it would be %APPDATA%\\LOVE\\game on windows, it now is %APPDATA%\\game. (Note that this holds true for all platforms.)

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