This script is used for axis-aligned bounding box collision detection. It will check whether two rectangular objects overlap. It returns true if they do, and false otherwise.

This form of collision detection is not suited for games that have lots of circles, non-rectangular shapes, or rotated rectangles, since space not filled by those shapes may still be part of the collision rectangle, or alternatively there may be parts that lie outside of it.

However, this should work fine for games such as Space Invaders clones.

-- Collision detection function;
-- Returns true if two boxes overlap, false if they don't;
-- x1,y1 are the top-left coords of the first box, while w1,h1 are its width and height;
-- x2,y2,w2 & h2 are the same, but for the second box.
function CheckCollision(x1,y1,w1,h1, x2,y2,w2,h2)
  return x1 < x2+w2 and
         x2 < x1+w1 and
         y1 < y2+h2 and
         y2 < y1+h1