FileData (Русский)

Available since LÖVE 0.7.0
This class is not supported in earlier versions.

Data представление содержимого файла.


ByteDataData object containing arbitrary bytes in an contiguous memory.
CompressedDataByte data compressed using a specific algorithm.
CompressedImageDataCompressed image data designed to stay compressed in RAM and on the GPU.
Data:cloneCreates a new copy of the Data object.
Data:getFFIPointerGets an FFI pointer to the Data.
Data:getPointerGets a pointer to the Data.
Data:getSizeGets the Data's size in bytes.
Data:getStringGets the full Data as a string.
FileDataData representing the contents of a file.
FileData:getExtensionGets the extension of the FileData.
FileData:getFilenameGets the filename of the FileData.
FontDataA FontData represents a font.
GlyphDataA GlyphData represents a drawable symbol of a font.
ImageDataRaw (decoded) image data.
SoundDataContains raw audio samples.

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