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Эти функции имеют скобки в странных местах. Это потому что Image - имя, зарезервированное в Mediawiki.

(Image):getDataGets the original ImageData or CompressedData used to create the Image.
(Image):getFlagsGets the flags used when the image was created.
(Image):isCompressedGets whether the Image was created from CompressedData.
(Image):refreshReloads the Image's contents from the ImageData or CompressedData used to create the image.
(Image):replacePixelsReplace the contents of an Image.
CanvasOff-screen render target.
FramebufferOff-screen render target.
ImageDrawable image type.
MeshA 2D polygon mesh used for drawing arbitrary textured shapes.
Mesh (Français)Un maillage (mesh) polygonal utilisé pour dessiner des formes texturées arbitraires.
ParticleSystemUsed to create cool effects, like fire.
SpriteBatchStore image positions in a buffer, and draw it in one call.
TextDrawable text.
TextureSuperclass for drawable objects which represent a texture.
VideoA drawable video.
Video (Français)Une vidéo pouvant être tracée.

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