Physics Libraries

NameDescriptionStandalone Lua ModuleLOVE VersionLOVE Min Version
Fizz XPlatformer(AABB) physics libraryAny
HCA collision detection systemAny
bump.luaMinimal collision detection lib.Any
hxdxPhysics library (easier box2d)Any
tile-colliderModule for resolving tile collisions (+slopes)Any
windfieldA wrapper of LÖVE's physics API so that using box2d becomes as simple as possibleAny
Lope2DA wrap over Love2D physics engine API. It makes dealing with the physics API easier and faster. It also has water pools simulation.0.8.0+
newtonExport and load Box2D bodies made in PhysicsEditor0.8.0+
LÖVE PhysicsEditor LoaderPhysicsEditor Objects Models Loader0.10.20.9.x