Available since LÖVE 0.9.2 and removed in LÖVE 11.0
It has been replaced by Shader:hasUniform.

Gets information about an 'extern' ('uniform') variable in the shader.

Returns nil if the variable name doesn't exist in the shader, or if the video driver's shader compiler has determined that the variable doesn't affect the final output of the shader.



type, components, arrayelements = Shader:getExternVariable( name )


string name
The name of the extern variable.


ShaderVariableType type (nil)
The base type of the variable.
number components (nil)
The number of components in the variable (e.g. 2 for a vec2 or mat2.)
number arrayelements (nil)
The number of elements in the array if the variable is an array, or 1 if not.

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