SpriteBatch (Русский)

Накопление геометрии в буфере, которая может быть нарисована за один вызов.


CanvasOff-screen render target.
FramebufferOff-screen render target.
ImageDrawable image type.
MeshA 2D polygon mesh used for drawing arbitrary textured shapes.
Mesh (Français)Un maillage (mesh) polygonal utilisé pour dessiner des formes texturées arbitraires.
ParticleSystemUsed to create cool effects, like fire.
SpriteBatchStore image positions in a buffer, and draw it in one call.
SpriteBatch:addAdds a sprite to the batch.
SpriteBatch:addLayerAdds a sprite to a batch created with an Array Texture.
SpriteBatch:addqAdds a Quad to the batch.
SpriteBatch:attachAttributeAttaches a per-vertex attribute from a Mesh onto this SpriteBatch, for use when drawing.
SpriteBatch:bindBinds the SpriteBatch to memory for more efficient updating.
SpriteBatch:clearRemoves all sprites from the buffer.
SpriteBatch:flushImmediately sends all new and modified sprite data to the graphics card.
SpriteBatch:getBufferSizeGets the maximum number of sprites the SpriteBatch can hold.
SpriteBatch:getColorGets the color that will be used for the next add and set operations.
SpriteBatch:getCountGets the number of sprites currently in the SpriteBatch.
SpriteBatch:getImageReturns the image used by the SpriteBatch.
SpriteBatch:getTextureGets the texture (Image or Canvas) used by the SpriteBatch.
SpriteBatch:setChanges a sprite in the batch.
SpriteBatch:setBufferSizeSets the maximum number of sprites the SpriteBatch can hold.
SpriteBatch:setColorSets the color that will be used for the next add or set operations.
SpriteBatch:setDrawRangeRestricts the drawn sprites in the SpriteBatch to a subset of the total.
SpriteBatch:setImageReplaces the image used for the sprites.
SpriteBatch:setLayerChanges a sprite previously added with add or addLayer, in a batch created with an Array Texture.
SpriteBatch:setTextureSets the texture (Image or Canvas) used for the sprites in the batch.
SpriteBatch:setqChanges a sprite with a quad in the batch.
SpriteBatch:unbindUnbinds the SpriteBatch.
TextDrawable text.
TextureSuperclass for drawable objects which represent a texture.
VideoA drawable video.
Video (Français)Une vidéo pouvant être tracée.

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