Hello, I'm AuahDark and I'm from Indonesia. Please don't call me "Auah".

Main hobby is programing but drawing and music production is also my othr hobby. Part of LÖVE development team since 11.3.

O.png My LÖVE wiki username is actually Auahdark (with small d), so I set up wiki redirect there.  

LÖVE Projects/Libraries

  • Live Simulator: 2 - Love Live! School Idol Festival Live Show! Simulator. Currently rewriting the whole game.
  • Lily - LÖVE Async Loading Library. Similar to love-loader but better, supports more functions, and uses TaskPool loading system (spreading every load to different threads).
  • Live2LOVE - LOVE library to show Live2D Cubism 2 models (Work in Progress).


  • LÖVE Discord: Just copy paste this: <@319681336539480084> to ping me.
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