Available since LÖVE 11.0
This function is not supported in earlier versions.

Gets the filesystem paths that will be searched for c libraries when require is called.

The paths string returned by this function is a sequence of path templates separated by semicolons. The argument passed to require will be inserted in place of any question mark ("?") character in each template (after the dot characters in the argument passed to require are replaced by directory separators.) Additionally, any occurrence of a double question mark ("??") will be replaced by the name passed to require and the default library extension for the platform.

The paths are relative to the game's source and save directories, as well as any paths mounted with love.filesystem.mount.



paths = love.filesystem.getCRequirePath( )




string paths
The paths that the require function will check for c libraries in love's filesystem.


The default paths string is "??", which makes require("cool") try to load cool.dll, or depending on the platform.

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