Available since LÖVE 11.0
This function is not supported in earlier versions.

Gets the current depth test mode and whether writing to the depth buffer is enabled.

This is low-level functionality designed for use with custom vertex shaders and Meshes with custom vertex attributes. No higher level APIs are provided to set the depth of 2D graphics such as shapes, lines, and Images.

O.png Depth testing and depth writes will have no effect unless the depth field is set to true in a table passed to, or a custom Canvas with a depth PixelFormat is set in the depthstencil field in a table passed to setCanvas.  

O.png Writing to the depth buffer is generally incompatible with rendering alpha-blended sprites / images. By default depth is determined by geometry (vertices) instead of texture alpha values, the depth buffer only stores a single depth value per pixel, and alpha blending requires back-to-front rendering for blending to be correct.  



comparemode, write = )




CompareMode comparemode
Depth comparison mode used for depth testing.
boolean write
Whether to write update / write values to the depth buffer when rendering.

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