Translates the coordinate system in two dimensions. 平移坐标系中的原点x和y的位置。

When this function is called with two numbers, dx, and dy, all the following drawing operations take effect as if their x and y coordinates were x+dx and y+dy. 当使用本函数并传入dx和dy的值时,从本函数调用之后的绘图操作将会受到影响,致使绘图操作后最终的位置是dx+x,dy+y。(›´ω`‹ )

Scale and translate are not commutative operations, therefore, calling them in different orders will change the outcome. 缩放和平移不是交换操作,因此,按不同的顺序调用它们会改变结果。

This change lasts until love.draw() exits or else a reverts to a previous

Translating using whole numbers will prevent tearing/blurring of images and fonts draw after translating. 使用整数作为参数可以防止平移后图像和字体的撕裂/模糊。


Synopsis dx, dy )


number dx
The translation relative to the x-axis.
number dy
The translation relative to the y-axis.




Translate down and to the right by 10 pixels. Remember, the translation is reset at the end of each love.draw.

function love.draw(), 10)"Text", 5, 5)   -- will effectively render at 15x15

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