Love on Mac w/o OpenGL

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Re: Love on Mac w/o OpenGL

Post by Tricky » Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:38 am

Better than OpenGL or not, OpenGL is supported by most platforms and Metal only on Mac and other Apple OSes. I believe Microsoft also tried to set up an anti-OpenGL attitude as they had DirectX. It's a bit the disease of computers than OS developers try to reject any form of standardisation and want to force their OS and users into their systems that other platforms appear incompatible with. Brilliant move, or plain stupidity? How badly are they trying to let everybody to switch to Linux?
I do remember older games of mine released on both Mac and Windows suffering as OpenGL was not most common on Windows back then, and OpenGL made them work perfectly and DirectX suffered from several rendering issues (and both version using the same code and just a driver to serve both APIs). All this can lead to is the same kind of trouble Stuff working great on Metal but not on OGL or vice versa.
Apple is just a little bit paranoid. Their machines belong to Apple and you are only allowed to use them. Apple delivers good stable systems, but their attempts to force people into a certain kind of direction is what I don't like about them. Now Linux is a failure to in my humble opinion because too many people tried to shape the system, making it lack proper standards causing a lot of dependency conflicts in the process, but the way Apple is trying to handle it is the other extreme.

I guess both Microsoft and Apple fear the upcoming of cross-platform programs and that Apple is now trying to force mac programs into Metal to make it more expensive to port them to OpenGL or DirectX as a kind of protectionism. And regardless of Metal being better or not... the most logical result would be ... backfire.

I wonder how come Apple makes one stupid mistake after another since Steve Jobs passed away. We he really that clever, or are the people around him so dumb? When I chose for Mac I did so for a reason, and Apple is slowly killing everything that made me choose for Mac back then, and it all began on the very day Steve Jobs left this world. If he could look to Earth from the "next world"... what would he say?

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