How to put on iPhone

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How to put on iPhone

Post by EliterScripts » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:43 pm

I would like to see my game on my iPhone 5S. However, I do not have any other Apple products. The only thing that you guys have documentation for is using Xcode, which is locked the hell down with Apple. I have no developer license, no Apple computer, I just want to test it on my phone. I don't really care if Apple yells at me phone code signing or whatever things that makes an app look unofficial.

Now, I know there are ways to get apps onto iPhones NOT through the Appstore, since I've seen tutorials out there for sketchy apps where you go to a website, download a thing, then it brings you to the settings app to see if you trust the software and asks if you want to install it.

Apple is just a bunch of voodoo magic to me, so I have no idea what I'm doing.


EDIT: Now, I know there is Swift, which Apple is nicer about, which I think might be a viable alternative. However, there is no documentation on how to use Swift with LOVE2D, so I have no idea if that would work with LOVE2D. I've also seen some *eye-brow-raising* alternatives, which I *might* have tried, and they do not work. Someone has suggest Vagrant, then there's also ISO files out there, but after booting up the ISO files, it just throws me into a "Shell>" prompt which is too stupid to do anything useful. It doesn't even know what directory it's currently in.

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