Cards. The game with no rules.

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Re: Cards. The game with no rules.

Post by Robin »

nevon wrote:I think you missed the Goo directory. I'm getting a bunch of errors when I try to run it.
Oh, so that one was needed. Didn't know, didn't try. :P
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Re: Cards. The game with no rules.

Post by Punkroku »

Robin wrote:Nice. I had to modify it to make it work for me though (crappy computer).

Here's what I have for other people with crappy computers:
I only found a few issues:
  1. There is no clear distinction between what is on the table and what is in the hand: I can't see whether other people can see the card.
  2. I have some difficulty with the selection. Especially cards in my hand. Try selecting multiple cards in the hand, and shuffling them.
  3. The window is a bit large: I have 1280x800, but that's not particularly small. Try to find a size that is not too large for many people.
  4. That setMode is best replaced with a conf.lua file. You can use that to set the window title as well. ;)

That link is dead... too bad I have a crappy computer too..
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