LÖVE 11.0 released!

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LÖVE 11.0 released!

Post by bartbes »

Good news everybody, this April Fool's we're releasing LÖVE 11.0! That's right, not 0.11.0, not 1.0, we're going straight to 11.0.
Continuing our trend of ever-bigger releases, this release consists of over 150 entries in the changelog, over 400 commits and about 18 months of work.

You can find the full changelog in the wiki or the repository, but here are some noteworthy changes:
  • Loads of audio additions:
    • Queueable audio sources
    • Recording support
    • Support for audio effects and filters
    • A simplified Source API
  • Added a love.data module, containing functions for encoding, hashing and compression
  • Added Transform objects to love.math
  • Added more ImageData formats, Image formats, and new texture types
  • Added support for depth buffers
  • Added a deprecation mechanism
  • Added automatic batching
  • Deprecated love.filesystem.exists / isFile / isDirectory / isSymlink / getLastModified / getSize in favour of getInfo
  • Changed colour values to be in the range 0-1, rather than 0-255
  • Changed love.run, to support co-operative multitasking environments
In amongst all the bad jokes and pranks, who knows whether this is a real release? I'm sure these download links don't actually go anywhere.

NOTE: Since we tried to keep the new version number a secret, the wiki may still refer to 0.11.0 in some places. Please bear with us until all these references have been updated. You are, of course, invited to help and update references as and when you see them.
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Re: LÖVE 11.0 released!

Post by FreeParticle »

Wow, huge work!
Thanks for new awesome features and improvements :)
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Re: LÖVE 11.0 released!

Post by GreenDev »

I like it
I'm a person who programs
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Re: LÖVE 11.0 released!

Post by slime »

There's still a bit of documentation work to be done, which should hopefully be finished up in the next day. System requirements have also changed a little bit:

• Windows XP is no longer officially supported, as it's not feasible for us to continuously put in extra work to make it run on such an ancient and unsupported system (keeping XP support would involve modifying the third party libraries LÖVE uses, potentially).

• iOS 6 and 7 are no longer officially supported, LÖVE 11.0 for iOS only runs on iOS 8+ since modern versions of Xcode don't support deploying to a lower version. If you have an older version of Xcode it might be possible to rebuild LÖVE's dependencies to support iOS 6 again, however a modern version of Xcode is needed for submitting your app to the App Store.
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Re: LÖVE 11.0 released!

Post by sefan »

Nice work. 11.0 :D
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Re: LÖVE 11.0 released!

Post by GilDev »

Thanks a lot guys, great work, congratulations! :)
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Re: LÖVE 11.0 released!

Post by Dr. Peeps »

EXCITED. You guys are awesome! Thanks for putting in all the hard work.
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Re: LÖVE 11.0 released!

Post by master both »

What a nice present for April fool's! :D congratulations for the great work
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Re: LÖVE 11.0 released!

Post by pgimeno »

That's great news... as long as everything keeps being there tomorrow! ;)

Great decision on the 11.0 bump.
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Re: LÖVE 11.0 released!

Post by unixfreak »

Fantastic! Can't wait to fiddle around with the new features.
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