Hello, I'm ReFreezed.

I've been using LÖVE for a few years, Lua for a bit longer, and done programming in general a bit longer still. Here are some relevant projects I've worked on.


  • Hot Particles - a competent particle editor for LÖVE. (thread, download)

Libraries / Command Line Tools

  • LuaPreprocess - a small and straightforward Lua preprocessor featuring simple syntax. (thread, website)
  • LuaHotLoader - hot-load any file in LÖVE or using LuaFileSystem. (repository)
  • InputField - text input handling library for LÖVE. (thread, repository)
  • DumbLuaParser - Lua code parser. (website)
  • ReFreezed Bitmap Font converter - ImageFont-like to BMFont converter. (thread, repository)
  • LuaWebGen - static website generator. (website)
  • SimpleSquish - wrapper for Squish. (repository)
  • SloppyQOI - QOI image format encoder/decoder for LÖVE. (thread, repository)


  • Momento Temporis: Light from the Deep - metroidvania-style exploration action platformer. (thread, website)
  • Momento Temporis: Arena - PvP arena game. (thread, website)
  • Energize! - small puzzle game inspired by Snake. (thread, website)


  • Glóa - statically typed language that compiles to Lua. (repository)