Available since LÖVE 11.0
This module is not supported in earlier versions.

Provides functionality for creating and transforming data.


ByteData Data object containing arbitrary bytes in an contiguous memory. Added since 11.0
CompressedData Byte data compressed using a specific algorithm. Added since 0.10.0
Data The superclass of all data.

Functions Compresses a string or data using a specific compression algorithm. Added since 11.0 Decode Data or a string from any of the EncodeFormats to Data or string. Added since 11.0 Decompresses a CompressedData or previously compressed string or Data object. Added since 11.0 Encode Data or a string to a Data or string in one of the EncodeFormats. Added since 11.0 Gets the size in bytes that a given format used with will use. Added since 11.0 Compute message digest using specific hash algorithm. Added since 11.0 Creates a new Data object containing arbitrary bytes. Added since 11.0 Creates a new Data referencing a subsection of an existing Data object. Added since 11.0 Packs (serializes) simple Lua values. Added since 11.0 Unpacks (deserializes) a byte-string or Data into simple Lua values. Added since 11.0


CompressedDataFormat Compressed data formats. Added since 0.10.0
ContainerType Return type of data-returning functions. Added since 11.0
EncodeFormat Encoding format used to encode or decode data. Added since 11.0
HashFunction Hash algorithm of hash function. Added since 11.0

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