The superclass of all data.


Data:clone Creates a new copy of the Data object. Added since 11.0
Data:getFFIPointer Gets an FFI pointer to the Data. Added since 11.3
Data:getPointer Gets a pointer to the Data.
Data:getSize Gets the Data's size in bytes.
Data:getString Gets the full Data as a string. Added since 0.9.0
Object:release Immediately destroys the object's Lua reference. Added since 11.0
Object:type Gets the type of the object as a string.
Object:typeOf Checks whether an object is of a certain type.



ByteData Data object containing arbitrary bytes in an contiguous memory. Added since 11.0
CompressedData Byte data compressed using a specific algorithm. Added since 0.10.0
CompressedImageData Compressed image data designed to stay compressed in RAM and on the GPU. Added since 0.9.0
FileData Data representing the contents of a file.
FontData A FontData represents a font. Added since 0.7.0 Removed in 0.8.0
GlyphData A GlyphData represents a drawable symbol of a font. Added since 0.7.0
ImageData Raw (decoded) image data.
SoundData Contains raw audio samples.

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