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The codename for LÖVE 0.9.0 is Baby Inspector. It is currently released.

Major changes from 0.8.0

All changes from 0.8.0


  • Added better multiplayer networking support with ENet (via the lua-enet library.)
  • Added --fused command line argument, to simulate fusing.
  • Added liblove.
  • Added the ability to have exit values.
  • Added exit value of 1 in case of error by default.
  • Added basic support for the file:// URI scheme.
  • Added love.timer.getAverageDelta.
  • Added Data:getString.
  • Added Contact:getChildren.
  • Added Joystick objects.
  • Added joystick add and remove events.
  • Added joystick axis and hat move events.
  • Added unified Gamepad API for joysticks which have a similar layout to the Xbox controller.
  • Added joystick vibration support.


Renamed APIs


  • Fixed memory leak in the mp3 decoder.
  • Fixed sound issues with some versions of OpenAL soft, by enabling direct channels.
  • Fixed 'random' hangs in audio.
  • Fixed case (in)sensitivity of sound file extension parsing.
  • Fixed looping support in tracker music formats.
  • Fixed skipping/looping issues when playing streaming audio Sources.
  • Fixed a race condition in Source:play.
  • Fixed WAVE sound playback.

Other Changes

  • Updated functions which return LOVE objects to re-use the Lua-side object instead of always recreating it.
  • Updated the windows console, it now tries to re-use an active one first.
  • Updated error handling, error handlers now get resolved when the error occurs.
  • Updated order of sleep/present in love.run (now draws, *then* sleeps).
  • Updated love.filesystem to try to create the appdata directory if it doesn't exist yet.
  • Updated the default filesystem identity to omit file extension.
  • Updated love.filesystem.newFile to optionally open the file.
  • Updated most love.filesystem functions to return nil, error on internal failure.
  • Updated Thread:start to accept arguments. The arguments are available in the thread via ... (the vararg expression.)
  • Updated Box2D to version 2.3.