Attach multiple bodies together to interact in unique ways.


love.physics.newDistanceJoint Creates a DistanceJoint between two bodies.
love.physics.newFrictionJoint A FrictionJoint applies friction to a body. Added since 0.8.0
love.physics.newGearJoint Create a GearJoint connecting two Joints.
love.physics.newMotorJoint Creates a joint between two bodies which controls the relative motion between them. Added since 0.9.0
love.physics.newMouseJoint Create a joint between a body and the mouse.
love.physics.newPrismaticJoint Creates a PrismaticJoint between two bodies.
love.physics.newPulleyJoint Creates a PulleyJoint to join two bodies to each other and the ground.
love.physics.newRevoluteJoint Creates a pivot joint between two bodies.
love.physics.newRopeJoint Creates a joint between two bodies that enforces a max distance between them. Added since 0.8.0
love.physics.newWeldJoint A WeldJoint essentially glues two bodies together. Added since 0.8.0
love.physics.newWheelJoint Creates a wheel joint. Added since 0.8.0


Joint:destroy Explicitly destroys the Joint.
Joint:getAnchors Get the anchor points of the joint.
Joint:getBodies Gets the bodies that the Joint is attached to. Added since 0.9.2
Joint:getCollideConnected Gets whether the connected Bodies collide.
Joint:getReactionForce Returns the reaction force on the second body.
Joint:getReactionTorque Returns the reaction torque on the second body.
Joint:getType Gets a string representing the type.
Joint:getUserData Returns the Lua value associated with this Joint. Added since 0.9.2
Joint:isDestroyed Gets whether the Joint is destroyed. Added since 0.9.2
Joint:setCollideConnected Sets whether the connected Bodies should collide with each other. Removed in 0.8.0
Joint:setUserData Associates a Lua value with the Joint. Added since 0.9.2
Object:release Immediately destroys the object's Lua reference. Added since 11.0
Object:type Gets the type of the object as a string.
Object:typeOf Checks whether an object is of a certain type.



DistanceJoint Keeps two bodies at the same distance.
FrictionJoint A FrictionJoint applies friction to a body. Added since 0.8.0
GearJoint Keeps bodies together in such a way that they act like gears.
MotorJoint Controls the relative motion between two Bodies Added since 0.9.0
MouseJoint For controlling objects with the mouse.
PrismaticJoint Restricts relative motion between Bodies to one shared axis.
PulleyJoint Allows you to simulate bodies connected through pulleys.
RevoluteJoint Allow two Bodies to revolve around a shared point.
RopeJoint Enforces a maximum distance between two points on two bodies. Added since 0.8.0
WeldJoint A WeldJoint essentially glues two bodies together. Added since 0.8.0
WheelJoint Restricts a point on the second body to a line on the first body.


JointType Different types of joints.

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