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The codename for LÖVE 0.9.2 is Baby Inspector. It is currently released.

Changes from 0.9.1



Renamed APIs

  • Renamed all cases of FSAA to MSAA. The FSAA names still exist for backward-compatibility.


Other Changes

  • Updated the Windows executable to always prefer the higher performance GPU on nvidia Optimus systems.
  • Updated the --console command-line argument in Windows to open the console before conf.lua is loaded.
  • Updated t.console and the --console command-line argument in Windows to use the existing console window, if LÖVE was launched from one.
  • Updated the love executable to verify that the love library version matches before using it.
  • Updated the Lua wrapper code for modules to avoid crashes when the module's instance is created, deleted, and recreated.
  • Updated internal code for handling garbage collection of love objects to be more efficient.
  • Updated love's initialization code to trigger a Lua error if love.conf has an error in it.
  • Updated love.filesystem.getSaveDirectory and friends to strip double-slashes ("//") from their returned paths.
  • Updated the error message when love.filesystem.write or File:open fails because the directory doesn't exist.
  • Updated error message when love.math.setRandomSeed(0) is attempted.
  • Updated the error message when invalid UTF-8 strings are used in love functions that expect UTF-8.
  • Updated love.physics.newChainShape to error if the number of arguments is invalid.
  • Updated love.physics.newPolygonShape and love.physics.newChainShape to accept a table of vertices.
  • Updated love.thread.newThread to accept a literal string of code.
  • Updated love-created threads to use names visible in external debuggers.
  • Updated SpriteBatch:unbind / SpriteBatch:flush to use less VRAM if the SpriteBatch has the static usage hint.
  • Updated love.graphics.newImage, love.image.newImageData, etc. to leave less temporary Lua-owned memory around.
  • Updated love.graphics.push to accept different stack types to push. Current types are "transform" and "all".
  • Updated love shaders to accept GLSL ES precision qualifiers (lowp, mediump, and highp) on variables, although they do nothing.
  • Updated the error message for love.graphics.newShader to be less cryptic if an invalid filename is given.
  • Updated compressed texture loading code to support BC6 and BC7 compressed textures (if the graphics driver supports them.)