Available since LÖVE 0.9.2
This function is not supported in earlier versions.

Gets the platform-specific absolute path of the directory containing a filepath.

This can be used to determine whether a file is inside the save directory or the game's source .love.



realdir = love.filesystem.getRealDirectory( filepath )


string filepath
The filepath to get the directory of.


string realdir
The platform-specific full path of the directory containing the filepath.


This function returns the directory containing the given file path, rather than file. For example, if the file screenshot1.png exists in a directory called screenshots in the game's save directory, love.filesystem.getRealDirectory("screenshots/screenshot1.png") will return the same value as love.filesystem.getSaveDirectory.


-- Get all files in the "levels" folder.
-- There might be a "levels" folder in both the save directory and the game's source,
-- in which case this will get all files in both.
local filepaths = love.filesystem.getDirectoryItems("levels")

for i, filename in ipairs(filepaths) do
    -- For each filename, check whether it's in the save directory or not.
    local path = "levels/"..filename
    if love.filesystem.getRealDirectory(path) == love.filesystem.getSaveDirectory() then
        -- This file is in the save directory.

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