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The codename for LÖVE 11.3 is Mysterious Mysteries. It is currently released.

Changes from 11.2


Other Changes

  • Changed audio file type detection, so it probes all supported backends for unrecognized extensions.


  • Fixed "bad lightuserdata" errors when running love on some arm64 devices.
  • Fixed boot.lua's line numbers in stack traces to match its source code.
  • Fixed the deprecation system not fully restarting when love.event.quit("restart") is used.
  • Fixed love.isVersionCompatible.
  • Fixed named Channels persisting across love.event.quit("restart") occurrences.
  • Fixed race conditions when different love.physics Worlds are used in different threads.
  • Fixed World:getJoints to return the fully resolved type of the Joint, instead of the base type.
  • Fixed love.timer.sleep(0) to return control to the OS scheduler instead of being a no-op.
  • Fixed love.math.randomNormal incorrectly using cached state after love.math.setRandomSeed or setRandomState.
  • Fixed love.data.hash returning an incorrect hash for certain input sizes.
  • Fixed love.data.newByteData to cause a Lua error instead of crashing when invalid arguments are used.
  • Fixed the Data-returning variant of love.filesystem.read and File:read to return the number of bytes that were read.
  • Fixed love.filesystem's require loaders to error instead of crashing when no argument is given.
  • Fixed love.filesystem.mount(Data).
  • Fixed a memory leak when loading files in some situations.
  • Fixed t.audio.mixwithsystem.
  • Fixed audio clicks immediately after playing a Source on iOS.
  • Fixed Source:play + Source:stop + Source:play looping the first few ms of sound for streaming Sources on iOS.
  • Fixed Source:play + Source:seek looping the first few ms of sound for streaming Sources on iOS.
  • Fixed occasional pops in streaming sources on iOS.
  • Fixed love.audio.play(sources) to use previously set playback positions on stopped Sources.
  • Fixed Source:setEffect(name, true) and Source:getEffect(name) when the effect has no associated Filter.
  • Fixed love.audio.newSource(filename, "queue") to cause a Lua error.
  • Fixed Source:setPitch to error if the given pitch is <= 0, NaN, or infinity.
  • Fixed video seeking and pausing in various scenarios.
  • Fixed an audio Source memory leak when a Video gets garbage collected after playing it.
  • Fixed video playback support on some Adreno-based Android devices.
  • Fixed black fringes around text in some situations.
  • Fixed extreme flickering when text moves along non-integer coordinates.
  • Fixed the first character in a string sometimes not being processed during text vertex generation.
  • Fixed Text:set(" ") not clearing any previously set text in a Text object.
  • Fixed love.graphics.getTextureTypes to return a table with boolean values in its fields instead of number values.
  • Fixed lines not rendering properly if a single line has more than 65,000 vertices.
  • Fixed a pixel shader performance regression on some graphics drivers when OpenGL 3 or OpenGL ES 3 is used.
  • Fixed text not showing up on Radeon HD 3000-series graphics cards on Windows.
  • Fixed non-integer DPI scale values being truncated to integers in love.graphics.newCanvas.
  • Fixed creating depth canvases on Windows systems when using an Intel HD 3000 GPU.
  • Fixed automatic batching performance to be more consistent on all operating systems.
  • Fixed gammaToLinearPrecise in shaders not being as precise as it should be.
  • Fixed ImageData:paste and ImageData:setPixel to have more consistent clamping and rounding of color values when different formats are used.