Available since LÖVE 11.3
This function is not supported in earlier versions.

Sets vertical synchronization mode.



love.window.setVSync( vsync )


number vsync
VSync number: 1 to enable, 0 to disable, -1 for adaptive vsync, 2 or larger will wait that many frames before syncing.




  • Not all graphics drivers support adaptive vsync (-1 value) and values more than 1 (vsync at other intervals). In that case, it will be automatically set to 1.
  • Having vsync be a number larger than one means that the game will sync to the nearest whole number of the screen's refresh rate divided by the given number; e.g. on a 60 Hz screen, vsync being 2 means it'll run at 30 FPS, 3 means 20 FPS, etc.
  • It is recommended to keep vsync activated if you don't know about the possible implications of turning it off.
  • This function doesn't recreate the window, unlike love.window.setMode and love.window.updateMode.

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