no-game screen

The codename of LÖVE 0.7.0 is "Game Slave". It is currently released.

Changes from 0.6.2



  • Fixed the debug module not being an upvalue of the error handlers. (you can now override debug)
  • Fixed some cases when love.audio.pause and friends were acting on everything, not just the passed Source.
  • Fixed setFixedRotation enabling other flags.
  • Fixed a bug in the loader (for require).
  • Fixed ParticleSystem::setSprite not retaining the new image.
  • Fixed setMode removing images settings (wrapping, filters).
  • Fixed Shape:getBody, it's now exposed for LÖVE usage.
  • Fixed DistanceJoint:getType() returning "circle" - it now returns "distance".
  • Fixed SpriteBatches being unaffected by setColor
  • Fixed the audio bug.
  • Fixed invalid FSAA values crashing LÖVE.
  • Fixed a bunch of compiler warnings.
  • Fixed OS X not properly using UTIs for .love files.
  • Fixed the modplug decoder not properly handeling files that fail to load.
  • Fixed a memory leak in setFont.
  • Fixed bug where errors in threads wouldn't get picked up by demand.
  • Fixed part of the bug with newlines when scaling text (rotating still messes up the lines).
  • Fixed the bug where newImageFont would try to create ImageData out of ImageData.
  • Fixed error handler not resetting the blend mode.


  • Changed fonts, they're now po2 safe.
  • Changed the traceback in the error screen.
  • Changed font origin to top-left.
  • Changed behavior of love.physics.newWorld(w, h), it now creates a w*h world, not a 4*w*h world.
  • Removed font functions from love.graphics.