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<onlyinclude>;<code>{{#if: {{{4|}}} |[[{{{1|LongType}}}|{{{4|DisplayedLongType}}}]] |[[{{{1|LongType}}}]]}} {{{2|param}}}</code>: {{{3|Some description goes here.}}}</onlyinclude>
<onlyinclude>;<code>{{#if: {{{4|}}} |[[{{{1|LongType}}}|{{{4|DisplayedLongType}}}]] |[[{{{1|LongType}}}]]}} {{{2|param}}}</code>: {{{3|Some description goes here.}}}</onlyinclude><noinclude>
== Other Languages ==

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LongType param
Some description goes here.
[edit] [purge] Template documentation

This template is used to explain the arguments and returns of a function. Usually preceded by an usage example of said function.


{{param|Page name|argument or return name|description|optional display page name}}


The name of the page describing the type of the argument/return. This will be a link to that page.
The name of the argument/return, as used in the preceding function usage exemple.
A description of the argument/return.
With this optionally change the text to be displayed in the link.
This is useful for translations, when the page name would be, for example, Source (Português), we can display it as Source.


{{param|AlignMode|align|Text Alignment}}
AlignMode align
Text Alignment
{{param|AlignMode_(Português)|alinhamento|Alinhamento do texto|ModoDeAlinhar}}
ModoDeAlinhar alinhamento
Alinhamento do texto

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