Available since LÖVE 0.11.0
This module is not supported in earlier versions.

Provides functionality for creating and transforming data.


Functions Compresses a string or data using a specific compression algorithm. Added since 0.11.0 Decode Data or a string from any of the EncodeFormats to Data or string. Added since 0.11.0 Decompresses a CompressedData or previously compressed string or Data object. Added since 0.11.0 Encode Data or a string to a Data or string in one of the EncodeFormats. Added since 0.11.0 Compute message digest using specific hash algorithm. Added since 0.11.0


ContainerType Return type of encode/decode functions. Added since 0.11.0
EncodeFormat Encoding format used to encode or decode data. Added since 0.11.0
HashFunction Hash algorithm of hash function. Added since 0.11.0

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