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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[parent::love]]
* [[parent::love]]
* [[Image]] - the love.graphics data type
== Other Languages ==
== Other Languages ==

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Provides an interface to decode encoded image data.


CompressedImageDataCompressed image data designed to stay compressed in RAM and on the GPU.
ImageDataRaw (decoded) image data.


love.image.isCompressedDetermines whether a file can be loaded as CompressedImageData.
love.image.newCompressedDataCreate a new CompressedImageData object from a compressed image file.
love.image.newEncodedImageDataEncodes ImageData.
love.image.newImageDataCreates a new ImageData object.


CompressedImageFormatCompressed image data formats.
ImageEncodeFormatImage file formats supported by ImageData:encode.
PixelFormatPixel formats for Textures, ImageData, and CompressedImageData.

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