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The codename of LÖVE 0.2.1 is "Impending Doom". It is currently released.

Changes since 0.2.0


  • Added many functions in love.filesystem.
  • Added a dedicated save-folder for each game.
  • Added love.timer.sleep.
  • Added line heights to font objects.
  • Added love.graphics.getWidth/getHeight.
  • Added scaling and rotation for text.
  • Added variable spacing to ImageFont.
  • Added support for variable line quality when drawing primitives.
  • Added several functions for drawing sections of images. (love.graphics.draws)
  • Added image optimization function and padding function.


  • Split devices up into actual SWIG-modules. This means that:
    • Functions are used like this: love.graphics.draw, not love.graphics:draw
    • love.objects is no more. Objects are created by an appropriate device.
  • How you draw primitives has been altered.
    • draw(string, x, y, wrap, align) has become drawf(string, x, y, wrap, align)
  • Changed getFps to getFPS.
  • Escape is no more ... enter: Alt+F4.
  • love.filesystem.include has been renamed to love.filesystem.require.
  • ImageFonts now consider the spacing as well as the glyph size.
  • Fixed a massive ImageFont bug which resulted in float-positioning failure.
  • Fixed a bug when loading fonts where the specified size doesn't represent the true size of the font.


  • Updated DevIL to version 1.6.8-rc2 (Windows)
  • Updated FreeType to freetype-2.3.5-1 (Windows)
  • Updated Lua to 5.1.3 (Windows)
  • Updated SDL to 1.2.13 (Windows)
  • Removed boost::filesystem.