Available since LÖVE 11.0
This type is not supported in earlier versions.

Represents an audio input device capable of recording sounds.

Constructors Gets a list of RecordingDevices on the system. Added since 11.0


Object:release Immediately destroys the object's Lua reference. Added since 11.0
Object:type Gets the type of the object as a string.
Object:typeOf Checks whether an object is of a certain type.
RecordingDevice:getBitDepth Gets the number of bits per sample in the data currently being recorded. Added since 11.0
RecordingDevice:getChannelCount Gets the number of channels currently being recorded (mono or stereo). Added since 11.0
RecordingDevice:getData Gets all recorded audio SoundData stored in the device's internal ring buffer. Added since 11.0
RecordingDevice:getName Gets the name of the recording device. Added since 11.0
RecordingDevice:getSampleCount Gets the number of currently recorded samples. Added since 11.0
RecordingDevice:getSampleRate Gets the number of samples per second currently being recorded. Added since 11.0
RecordingDevice:isRecording Gets whether the device is currently recording. Added since 11.0
RecordingDevice:start Begins recording audio using this device. Added since 11.0
RecordingDevice:stop Stops recording audio from this device. Added since 11.0


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