Available since LÖVE 11.0
This function is not supported in earlier versions.

Creates a new Source usable for real-time generated sound playback with Source:queue.

O.png This function can be slow if it is called repeatedly, such as from love.update or love.draw. If you need to use a specific resource often, create it once and store it somewhere it can be reused!  



source = samplerate, bitdepth, channels, buffercount )


number samplerate
Number of samples per second when playing.
number bitdepth
Bits per sample (8 or 16).
number channels
1 for mono or 2 for stereo.
number buffercount (8)
The number of buffers that can be queued up at any given time with Source:queue. Cannot be greater than 64. A sensible default (~8) is chosen if no value is specified.


Source source
The new Source usable with Source:queue.


The sample rate, bit depth, and channel count of any SoundData used with Source:queue must match the parameters given to this constructor.

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