Available since LÖVE 0.9.2
This function is not supported in earlier versions.

Gets the hardware scancode corresponding to the given key.

The location of a key is based on the keyboard's current language layout, whereas scancodes are the layout-independent representations of where the physical keys are.

For example, the key located where "q" is on a U.S. keyboard has the scancode "q". When using a U.S. keyboard layout it produces the key "q", but when using a French keyboard layout it produces the key "a". French keyboards usually label the key as "a" rather than "q".

Scancodes are useful for creating default controls that have the same physical locations on on all keyboards and systems.



scancode = love.keyboard.getScancodeFromKey( key )


KeyConstant key
The key to get the scancode from.


Scancode scancode
The scancode corresponding to the given key, or "unknown" if the given key has no known physical representation on the current system.

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