O.png Gangrene is just a prototype at the moment, even if its playable. So try to cut it some slack for not being finished, or not having polished and attractive art / UI.  

There was a plague. We didn't know it at the time, but that was the calm before the storm. The people that died are still around, you see, and thats a problem since they really seem to want us dead. As for the rest of us, the survivors...would that we could all get alone, but there's not enough food and supplies for all of us...which means that some of us have to starve, and we're all fighting to make sure its not us.

At the moment there's just 22 cards, in no particular order: Bandages, Bloodlust, Craft Shells, Demo Charge, Drug Cocktail, Diverted Package, Diversion, Full-auto, Grenade, Grave Goods, Iodine, Manufacture, Plagueflies, Rush Job, Requisition, Raid, Six-shot, Salvage, Scavenge, Secret Cache, Vaccine, Weapons Stockpile

I welcome comments, thoughts, (constructive) criticism, and of cause art. :3

Planned Improvements:

  • Better AI(s)
  • More cards, in distinct sets
  • Customisable decks
  • Load / Save game
  • Pre-designed Scenarios
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