no-game screen

The codename for LÖVE 0.10.1 is Super Toast. It is currently released.

Changes from 0.10.0



  • Fixed a Lua error in the no-game screen if the window's height is too small.
  • Fixed the default error handler to reset the mouse Cursor.
  • Fixed love.filesystem functions crashing when called if liblove is used directly without calling love.filesystem.init.
  • Fixed audio on Android to pause when the app is inactive, and resume when the app becomes active again.
  • Fixed Source:setRelative to set the relative state of playing Sources to the passed value rather than an old cached one.
  • Fixed the Video decoding thread hanging after Video:seek or when a Video finishes.
  • Fixed Video:isPlaying to always return false after it finishes playing.
  • Fixed RandomGenerator:random crashing if a nil 'self' is used.
  • Fixed loading BMFont files which have characters with 0 width or height (a space character, for example).
  • Fixed love.graphics.newFont causing crashes if FileData is passed in.
  • Fixed love.graphics.clear(colortable) causing crashes on OpenGL ES 2 systems when a Canvas is active.
  • Fixed love.graphics object creation functions (e.g. love.graphics.newImage) to error instead of crash, if called before a window has been created.
  • Fixed a driver bug on some Android devices which caused all objects to show up as black.
  • Fixed a driver bug on Windows with AMD graphics cards where love.graphics.clear would not always work.
  • Fixed Shader:sendColor incorrectly converting alpha values from sRGB to linear RGB when gamma-correct rendering is enabled.
  • Fixed love.graphics.newMesh(vertices) double-converting colors from sRGB to linear RGB when gamma-correct rendering is enabled.

Other changes

  • Updated the Windows executable to prefer the high-powered AMD graphics card on systems which have switchable Intel+AMD GPUs.
  • Updated love.touch.getTouches to return the list of IDs in the relative order that the touches initially happened (i.e. the first ID in the list is the least recently pressed touch that is currently active), instead of being in a random order.
  • Updated the error messages caused by invalid or bad arguments to ImageData and SoundData methods to be more descriptive.