The no-game screen of LÖVE 0.3.0.

The codename for LÖVE 0.3.0 is Mutant Vermin. It is currently released.

Changes from 0.2.1


  • Added ParticleSystem.
  • Added visual error reporting.
  • Added love.system for game control needs.
  • Added input grabbing.
  • Added functions in love.graphics for display management.
  • Added love.graphics.point.
  • Added functions in love.graphics for getting current color, font, etc.
  • Added love.filesystem.enumerate for getting folder contents.
  • Added functions for setting the window caption.
  • Added version checking. An error occurs if the game is incompatible.


  • Removed all keyboard shortcuts.


  • Fixed print() :)

Other Changes

  • Save folders are now created only if required.
  • On Windows, the new save location is %APPDATA%\LOVE\game