no-game screen

The codename of LÖVE 0.7.1 is "Game Slave". It is currently released.

Changes from 0.7.0


  • Added Source:isPaused()
  • Added error when initial window can't be created.
  • Added framebuffer filter modes.
  • Added love.filesystem.getLastModified.
  • Added filter modes for ImageFonts.
  • Added dead key support by using "unknown" key with correct unicode value.
  • Added 0 width and height in love.conf. (for current desktop resolution)
  • Added alpha support when encoding TGA images.


  • Fixed a lot of bugs regarding zero characters in threads.
  • Fixed handling of a directory named "love" in current directory.
  • Fixed a few unhandled errors in setScissor.
  • Fixed a bug where old physics callbacks were never dereferenced.
  • Fixed loss of mouse visibility settings on setMode.
  • Fixed creation of a framebuffer unbinding current framebuffer.
  • Fixed several race conditions in love.thread.
  • Fixed 'love .', so it won't use lovedir/. as save dir.
  • Fixed setLineHeight.
  • Fixed extended ascii and ImageFonts.
  • Fixed printf's line wrapping.
  • Fixed crash when playing sounds.
  • Fixed playback of mp3s with arbitrary sample rates.
  • Fixed handling of negative indices in love.joystick.
  • Fixed toggleFullscreen.
  • Fixed unexpected behaviour with hash tables to love.graphics.line.
  • Fixed mouse coordinates being capped after setMode.
  • Fixed setFont's error handling on a non-existant file.
  • Fixed issue where Windows builds would hard crash on Lua errors


  • Removed custom sample rates for Decoders.