no-game screen

The codename of LÖVE 0.7.2 is "Game Slave". It is currently released.

Changes from 0.7.1



  • Fixed fused games not working.
  • Fixed ParticleSystem:setSize ignoring the variation argument.
  • Fixed some file-opening exceptions not being caught.
  • Fixed files loaded by libmodplug being too loud.
  • Fixed paths with periods in them not working.
  • Fixed love.graphics.getBlendMode not detecting subtractive and multiplicative blend modes.
  • Fixed crash when there was no memory available for newImageData(w, h).


  • Updated PhysicsFS version to 2.0.2 on Windows
  • Updated OpenAL Soft version to 1.13 on Windows
  • Updated libmodplug version to on Windows
  • Updated FreeType version to 2.4.4 on Windows
  • Updated libmpg123 version to 1.13.2 on Windows
  • Windows binary no longer depends on VC2005 runtime.
  • Windows binary no longer depends on SSE2 support.